Here is why the Hextech origin is so unhealthy to the game and a really bad designed trait!

_**Disclaimer**: I'm talking about the hextech origin here, not the individual hextech units._ The Hextech origin reads: > Throw a bomb at an enemy unit with an item, and disables all items in a hex radius for 8 seconds. * (2) 1 hex radius * (4) 2 hex radius There are 4 major problems with this trait: * **_Stats negation_**. Hextech debuff doesn't only negate the effect of the items, but also all the base stats that the items give you (_AS, AD, AP, HP, etc._). No need to explain why this is bad design. Even a 5 year old kid can tell you why this is bad. * **_Randomness_**. The trait targets **random** units with, at least, an item. Unlike {{champion:53}}, who always targets a specific unit on the board (_the furthest one from him_), Hextech debuff targets **randomly** and you can't counter play it. You can't spread out your units in some specific ways in order to allow for one of your units, with items, to never get hit by the debuff. You can only spread out your units that holds items and pray to RNGesus that your carry doesn't get hit by it... which brings me to my 2nd point. * **_Spacing_**. With the random nature of Hextech debuff, you're forced to space out your units in weird ways that greatly decreases the effectiveness of your comp. And since most hextech comps run Brawlers, expect to have to face a blitz as well, which makes positioning even harder and frustrating to plan around. Add to that some Assassins players, here and there, and positioning becomes a nightmare. It's not strategy anymore, it's just unfun and boring to play against. I am denied from playing the game in a very boring and unsatisfying way, and it's not even my fault. Sometimes I run Guardians, for example, but can't position my units properly because everyone is running Hextech, so I'm forced to leave out some units out of my guardians range, which really sucks... I even got knocked out of a game once by a 4 hextech user, who had a really bad team comp, because he disabled all my items on everyone since the 4 hex debuff basically covers half the board. So I was fighting him with no items while he had all his items active on his units and won just because of item advantage, nothing more. If only I got my items back to work sooner, maybe I would've had a chance of winning... which brings me to my 3rd point. * **_Debuff duration_**. 8 seconds... where the average fight lasts for around 12 to 15 sec. It doesn't take a genius to realize that 8 sec is too much time and it's too long of a duration to give to any debuff, let alone a debuff that literally breaks the game. They did the same mistake with Red Buff and Morello. They increased the duration of the burn to 10 sec, thus lowering the _damage-per-tick_ of the debuff, but in the process they increased the amount of time units couldn't heal back up by twice as much as well. It's as if the balance team is full of toddlers who don't know WTF they're doing or something, idk... Riot seems happy to use and implement mechanics in the game that deny players so many options from playing said game. TFT has the potential to be a great game that offers a variety of playstyles and options in its core gameplay, but Riot is ruining every bit of it by forcing a lot of " **_denial of options_** " mechanics that literally break the game and make it so unfun and boring to play. Look no further than the newly added **URF Overtime Mode**, in TFT. Riot is so lazy to actually balance the game and the damage output of a lot of units/traits/items, that they just slapped in an URF buff to speed things up, ignoring all of the core problems in the game. Same thing with items: instead of limiting item stacking by reducing the item slots per unit to 2, and making every item unique, for example, they just add in a new trait that disables all items with little to no counter play whatsoever. They never face the problem head on, they just go around it and avoid it completely and try to limit the damage caused to the playerbase, and the game itself, by adding in new stuff that ends up breaking the game even more, each time. This is also happening to regular League, as well. Such a lazy way to solve problems... It's so lame and pathetic, tbh.

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