Champions I would like to see added in the future

{{champion:92}}: Blademaster and Exile* Ult: Windslash, Riven slashes her blade and throws out runic energy in a cone. Cost: 3 {{champion:517}} Brawler and Exile* Ult: Hijack, Sylas steals the closest enemy's ultimate Cost: 4 *If there are multiple exiles alone on the board, the shield is increased further by a % of max health. (This creates an incentive to have Riven, Sylas, and Yasuo on the board, but you have to position them carefully so that you do actually get the shield.) {{champion:4}}: Pirate and Sorcerer Ult: Pick a Card: Twisted Fate randomly draws a card, Blue card refunds mana on hit, Yellow stuns, Red hits the first enemy then damages others around that enemy. Cost: 4 {{champion:40}}: Demon???? and Sorcerer or Elementalist Ult: Monsoon, Janna pushes enemies back and heals all units around her. Cost: 5 Idk what to put her as {{champion:61}}: Sorceror and Robot Ult: Command: Shockwave, Orianna pulls enemies close to her one hexagon towards her side of the board. Cost: 4
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