Winning in TFT has less reliance on RNG then its currently being slated for

This top dog issue players have right now (at least the vocal majority) is the "game is entirely RNG" line, and i think its being overdone. Yes, there are RNG elements within the game and yes those RNG elements can give some players a free pass through the early game. Im not trying to deny that, but what I think needs to be said is that there are many opportunities for skillful and tactical (heh) decisions throughout a match to bring yourself back into the game despite item/early rolls disadvantages. -GOLD MANAGEMENT. Maintaining a good economy and using the feel of a current game to decide when you should risk a little on rerolls or take a chance at taking a hit on order to be better off gold wise in the following turns. These decisions add up during the game and can have a huge impact on where you ultimately end up in the final standings. - COUNTER PICKING. Finding a balance between stacking up bonuses & bringing the tools to beat your opponent is vital. Would Rengar be better for your 4th wild to jump a 3 star 3 item carry or would you be better off with gnar to hulksmash the front line away allowing your tankier units to go shit on the enemy dps that was hiding in the back rows? Scoping out what the other players are building and taking that info in quick decisions will win you those close fights. - RE-POSITIONING. This one eats at me the most because i just do not see people doing it. Especially after a loss or two in a row, obviously something isnt working. Watch how the fights are going, is your current powerhouse getting killed too early? Is said powerhouse in a sub-optimal position to be getting the most ults off in a fight. Most of my 1st place finishes come from near losses, but stategically swapping the position of my units at the last second 9to give opponent no time to react) and placing them to avoid certain threats like full team Cho ults. The point im trying to get across here is that there is a lot you DO have control over in the game, and ignoring those potential 4th place or better finishes in favor of "got no items, impossible to do anything" is imo a terrible way to go about the game. tldr; look at what opponents are doing, dont accept complete defeat at first fight loss, you have more control than you think
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