Something else TFT desperately needs.

People in charge of it that have functional brains. All the fix answers are laid out right in front of you, yet youre so eager to create changes that NOBODY ASKED FOR. You go out of your way to create a ranked mode for beta, when the units have the AI level of Downs syndrome. <---- (Must be AI modeled after the game mode devs, only logical explanation) Put a wake the fuck up button for the units is the biggest thing, I love having a lvl 3 unit that ive invested all my items and synergies into just stand there. Ive broken through the walls numerous times at the beginning. Why does the game have to be so rng focused and basically say fuck you to the skill aspect? Imo we should live in a world where any asshole that wants to introduce RNG in any way, should have to be put into a life/death situation and the thing that determines their fate is RNG. Guarantee there would be a lot less RNG in the world :^).
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