(TFT) Ways to counter assassin builds

Having played a bit of TFT up to Gold 1, it seems that more and more people are using Assassin teams standing on the backline. Making them almost impossible to play against as they jump in and pretty much kill everyone. What usually happen is that you take all assassins until you have the buff and then you place one unit to triggers the other players tanks to move forward opening up the for them to get to the backline an kill everything within seconds. Doesn't really seem to matter which items you have on your team, Phantom dancers etc. Normally you could counter the assassins by placing a unit off to the side that would make them jump to it. But since these are now just placed on a line that doesn't work anymore. Which means that there is basically no valid way to counter it. A sorcerer build for instance can be very strong, but you have Sparks and MR items to counter them and still they have to build up mana. To me assassin build in the current patch is really broken and its so obvious that people are exploiting this to get ranks. They all use the exact them strategy. Which is get all the assassin buff, place them on a line with one unit that will force the tanks away. Really broken!!. Varies bugs: - Zed doesn't seem to work with Frozen heart. - Birds that gets stronger and stronger, sometimes don't drop anything. - Occasionally champions will just stand there and look. Have tried 2 games where champions on both side just stood there without attacking each other.
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