remove item effects from drakes

i get it. at some point in riots playtesting team some prankster had the funny idea to let the drake benefit from the random item hes wearing, but this novelty has honestly worn out for me. its not fun to have the thing spawn with {{item:3083}} and be literally unkillable despite that some of your units have red buff, or it has red buff itself, or hurricane, or titanic hydra and deletes your whole team in seconds, with nothing you could have done differently in either case. its actually quite ridiculous. as if item rng isnt bad enough by itself (i STILL just faced a guy with 3 completed items after the first couple rounds, and 2 more components on the bench) you get fucked over by randomly getting an unkillable drake and turn up empty, while your opponents roll shit like force of nature for their drake item drop. how the fuck are you so bad at designing this game? the beta state isnt an excuse for all the broken mechanics that you should have known would be broken right the moment you came up with them, **before** you wrote the flowchart that would lead to the eventual code to implement them. people are telling you **for weeks** to adopt a different system for item drops or at least normalize them, and youre trying your hardest to keep this shit in the game, and make 1 gold rewards equal to 2 or 3 items that your opponent rolls over you.
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