This gamemode wasnt worth the hype

The RNG hurts my brain, this gamemode is disgusting i'd rather if i could climb to challenger and then fell the pain of getting deranked to iron 4 than playing this gamemode ever again, i only had a fucking level 2 vayne and the rest some dumb level ones while other guy had 3 full items level 3 lucian, what the fuck am i supposed to do? Pray to the RNG to give me 1 item instead of 0 againts wolfs? Managed to get my pyke to a level 2 and got him one item for what? for him to dash in empty fcking space while every single time whenever pyke dashes he stuns my whole team which wasnt even in the range and then gets it again in 1 seconds because of the bullshit item passives which stack, or the fucking cancer uncounterable glacials. This is more cancerous than god damn chernobyl reactor. Delete this gamemode, put it on mobile because thats where it belongs, it just uses space for nexus blitz or even urf
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