Why is TFT getting Ranked Rushed?

Ok, so TFT is the new hot thing, but why is ranked tft getting rushed? TFT is purely RNG how is it even gunna be remotely fair? champs are RNG, items are RNG, who your champs attacks is random. TFT is littered with bugs atm why the hell is it getting ranked, it needs ATLEAST 6-9 months before it should get ranked. The only strategy in TFT is what champs you wish to invest in, what items that are RNG you will give them, where to place them. Many times i have played, i have been in the late stages, and needed 1 champ for multiple champs to get them tier 3, rerolled 20 times no lie, and didnt see any of them once, you do that math wtf is that, lost the game because i couldnt upgrade, and i know im not the only one, or when my champ is fighting 1v2 and he dosnt hit the one nearly dead he attacks the full hp one fair. The game is too new for ranked, it takes zero skill, mechanics, or brain power, you pray to RNGesus and hope. TFT is allready taking in so mcuh money because of the massively overpriced loot, but come on Riot it dosnt need ranked A MONTH AFTER IT DROPPED. But Riot never listens, so i mean what can go wrong? Iron players getting challenger because the game is unfair from the get go? Also if getting Gold awards the Victorius skins ima cry, like its a game within the game, it shouldnt be what they are making it to be, in the long run it will hurt league, people are only gunna play TFT and that ruins the experience of ranked/normal games because matchmaking is dogshit/ What are your thoughts? Im not against it, but its way to soon for it. Riot we get it you gave up but dont ruin the game any more then you allready have, alot of things on the Rift need attention, not TFT ranked/ What could go wrong? ;)
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