TFT games are too dang long

To win a game of TFT takes 30 minutes minimum...thats longer than many Summoner's Rift matches, and unline SR, there is no way to win it in under 20 mins. For a semi-casual gametype like TFT, this is absurd and, frankly, unacceptable. Wait times between rounds should be shortened to 5 seconds, and players should be able to modify their lineups as soon as their individual matches are ended and damage is taken. If a player needs more planning time, they can try to win or lose faster than their peers. The game is a huge slackfest currently, 50% of the game time players are inactively sitting and staring at their screens. Give us a little motivation to make decisions and be quick on the fly. Every game of TFT should end in under 15 minutes unless teams are so close that they only hit each other with 1 champ at a time...then 16 minutes.
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