Tft is literally unenjoyable.

Oh hello there. You new to tft? That's amazing! It's a brand new game mode so let's hop on! When you start the game, it dosn't matter what champs you chose! Why? Because you need locket. No matter what bullshit, no synch. comp you got, you MUST stack at least 2 lockets! Okey got it? Let's procced shall we! -Hey, is the demon class good? -Oh.. Nope. Hey, is noble a good class? -Oh.. Nope. -Mm knights...? -Nope. You want to win right? Then get as much lockets as you can, cuz if you don't get it stacked up it wont be fun! After that search assasins. They are the most fun/balanced class. But make sure you have stacked your 6 lockets before you play! Have fun in tft 😉
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