Hextech is way too strong

Honestly think hextech has been out of control, the community has been against it since release and even though I do like the mechanic in the game I think it's too strong considering you only need TWO units to activate it and it lasts for 7 seconds which is longer than most fights these days. It feels incredibly terrible for your carry to be hextech'd EVEN when I play around it, it doesn't matter. Hextech for some reason ALWAYS hits my carry unit and then its a completely useless unit. I hyperroll for a 3 star tristana with 3 items and it becomes a legit useless unit because someone else decided to buy TWO hextech units. Sure the hextech units by themselves aren't that strong but you completely disable other teams with the synergy. It feels bad to play against and it feels bad to play. Please remove this from the game or BALANCE IT BETTER. Make it 2 units gives 3 seconds removal, and 4 units 7 seconds. Its just WAY too strong. Even late game it's INSANE because you can just quickly put in 2 hextech units to disable another persons team. FORREAL REMOVE IT.
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