Glacials to strong, Yordles to weak.

Getting 20% dodge for 3 yordles is pretty meh (essentially 20% more health and these guys have low health to start) and 50% with 6 which is hard to pull of and get all of them to level 2. The payoff is just meh. I'd suggest making it a 2-4-6 unit bonus, 20% for 2, 40% for 4, and 65% for 6. Glacial freeze should either become a slow to attack and move speed or a like a .7 second stun, 2 is just to long. Things die in less than a second with so much burst in this game, that getting a few procs is almost certain death. Its also far to strong of a ability for a 2-4-6 of. Maybe make it a 3-6.

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