Current thoughts on balance of TFT

Mostly just a list of what I think needs buffs/nerfs/changes currently. Overall, I think the mode is great, and I don't really have any major complaints. **Champions:** Needing buffs: {{champion:114}}Fiora - base HP and DPS are both too low, and her being so bad is a problem for both of her synergies. {{champion:82}}Mordekaiser - More base HP, Armor, or a lower cost for his ability needed. {{champion:78}}Poppy - Still needs a lower cost on her ability or better melee DPS; her attack speed is too slow to get her ability off reasonably consistently, and her base DPS is extremely low. {{champion:60}}Elise - She's still bad. Her base stats are way too low, and her transformation/spiders don't make up for it even if she gets her ability off. Up her dps/HP. She has worse stats than most of the 1-cost units at baseline. Edit: She's been reduced to 1 cost on the PTR with no other changes. It feels appropriate; she's still not a high priority. {{champion:45}}Veigar - I think the real issue with him is that his ability only hits one target, and his extremely weak autos don't scale with level. (Edit: After seeing veigar 1-shotting units repeatedly when stacked with a few items, I think the issue is his other stats or how often he can use the ability. His ability does plenty of damage with sorc buff, but his autos are worthless, his HP is extremely low, and his ability is single-target, so there are always better targets for stacking items.) {{champion:102}}Shyvana - Base HP/armor are a bit too low, and her ability has a high cost, so it's a bit too hard to get value from it. She gets picked for dragon/shapeshifter synergy, but that's because Aurelion sol with magic immunity is so good, and shapeshifters is one of the best synergies. {{champion:103}}Ahri - base stats could be improved a bit; her HP is a bit too low. Her synergies make her alright for certain comps, but it never feels particularly good picking her. {{champion:127}}Lissandra - Again, base stats are a bit too low. Elementalist synergy is OP atm, so she gets picked some, but... {{champion:98}}Shen - Just needs a bit of starting mana so he can get his ability off a bit more often. {{champion:55}}Katarina - She enables Imperial synergy I guess, but is a bit lacking outside of that due to low hp; 450 at rank 1 is a bit too low for any 3 star unit, even an assassin. Her ability is incredibly strong if it goes off and there are targets for it to hit, but... on the somewhat rare occasions it goes off at all, there are often no targets in range. **Needing Nerfs:** {{champion:150}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:31}}Gnar, Sej, and Cho - Their abilities are just a bit too good; AoE CC is incredibly strong. I think the stun durations could be reduced by .5s or so for all 3. {{champion:119}}Draven - This really is the league of Draven. His single target dps is a bit too high due to spinning axes, especially considering blademaster and imperial synergies adding to that. {{champion:76}}Nidalee - Maybe. She's currently the strongest 1-cost unit by a fairly significant margin, and also has great synergies. {{champion:136}}Aurelion Sol - Maybe. Currently the go-to item stack unit for sorcs, because the ability does so much AOE damage, and the magic immunity from dragon synergy makes him a bit too difficult to take down. {{champion:63}}Brand - Again, very powerful ability that goes off fairly consistently with fantastic synergy. It might just be because of how strong the golem is. If elementalist synergy gets nerfed, he'd likely be fine. Most of the 4 cost units are probably a bit too strong, and the only ones you can't either just pick to throw into a team for front line or a powerful ability, or to build a comp around from no preexisting support other than decent items are Akali and Kindred. Leona is in a good place, and I think a bit underrated by a lot of players, being very tanky and having a fantastic ability, but without being so strong that she's put onto the field pretty much every time even without synergy like Cho/Sej/Gnar, who are a bit more threatening and have stronger synergies; she's pretty much always worth picking up and putting out if you roll her early and don't need other synergies, but she's not a champion you build around or roll for consistently. I'm not sure if this is really a problem, but synergies should probably be a bit more meaningful at the point when they're being picked, and a 2-star 3 cost should pretty much always be better than a 1-star 4 cost of similar type without synergies. **Items:** Items should be given out more equally and consistently throughout the game. This is already being resolved by changes on the PTR, though currently it seems to be bugged and creeps are getting item buffs like GA and red buff that can make them significantly more difficult than they would be normally. Needing Buffs: {{item:3285}}Luden's - Well, It's bugged atm, not doing as much extra damage as it says; with that fixed, it'd probably be good, possibly OP on some characters, unless it only works on the first hit of an ability, in which case, it'd just be maybe decent on some characters that can cast their ability frequently without many items, like Veigar, but the tool-tip also should clarify if that's how it's supposed to work. {{item:3146}}Gunblade - 25% healing for damage isn't great compared to other bonuses, and the stats are awkward for TFT, and both items have far better combine options; I can't see this being very good on much other than maybe a stacked ASol with a Shojin or something to cast constantly. {{item:3137}}Cursed Blade - Proc chance is a bit too low for it to be worth it. Personally, I'd like the item changed completely, because it's too unreliable as is, and the effect is really hard to judge/not fantastic, as usually units that are getting attacked are going to die quickly regardless. {{item:3131}}Sword of the Divine - Again, just a really awkward effect due to unreliability. I think it'd be better as every 2-3 attacks is a guaranteed crit or something. {{item:3026}}Guardian Angel - Again, an awkward item for the mode. I think it can have a place on certain fron tline units that are expected to die and have good abilities, where the revive might help them go off or tank for longer. {{item:3087}}Statikk Shiv - 100 damage every 3rd attack is pretty weak in comparison to something like Hydra that's doing 200 damage on every attack. I think the damage could be raised to 150-200 without issue. It's sort of ironic that the two best items combine into one of the worst. Needing Nerfs: {{item:3094}}Rapid Fire Cannon - Extra range and never missing is too good, especially paired with so much attack speed when attack speed is the best stat. This item also completely nullifies Yordle synergy. {{item:3161}}Spear of Shojin - Too much mana gain. The bug fix was certainly noticeable, but it could maybe use a bit more. {{item:3748}}Titanic Hydra - Maybe. The cleave damage can get pretty crazy. {{item:3124}}Rageblade - The attack speed stacks a bit too quickly. **Synergies:** Needing changes: - Nobles: The 6 noble buff is strong, and the 3 noble buff is strong at the start, but 6 nobles is too hard to get, and 3 nobles stops being good too early to stick with. I'd really like to see the effect be weaker baseline, but scale at 2/4/6, or affect all nobles at 3, but be significantly weaker, and have the 6 noble buff remain the same, so nobles are a more realistic option to go for from early in the game, rather than something you only go for if you started with it and roll/pick an early kayle. Situational/possibly needing buffs or changes: - Knights: suffers from Poppy and Morde being a bit weak right now, and the damage scaling for other units making it less useful as the game progresses, but it's fairly strong early against non-assassins. The only way I could see to change it would be making it a % reduction to physical damage taken so it doesn't lose so much value later. - (Edit) Demons: 40% proc rate at 2 is enough to pretty much always proc it before abilities go off on targets that are being attacked, so there's no real reason to go for more than that. IMO, The damage from the mana burn should scale instead of the proc rate. Needing Nerfs: - Elementalist: The golem is a bit too good right now, especially early on if someone lucks into the units early. Maybe change to a 2/4 synergy with a much weaker golem from having just 2. This would make it harder to fit the powerful golem into late game compositions. It's kind of silly seeing people throw 3 1-star elementalists into their composition for the golem in the late game when they have much stronger champion options they could be putting in. - Shapeshifters: Maybe. It's extremely strong. - Dragons: Immunity to magic damage is a bit much. It's a bit too strong against certain compositions. - Imperials: Draven, Darius, and Swain are already good without the synergy, and doubling damage on Draven is a bit much. I think the other synergies are mostly fine. Yordle synergy would be fantastic if not for RFC. Assassin and Demon synergies are made awkward without items because they lack good tank units for the front line. **Other** I'd like more time on the first selection carousel, just another 5 seconds or so, with it ending once everyone gets a unit if it happens before that. People not getting to pick because they go for units that then get taken by another person happens a bit too often, and it's not always easy to tell who got the unit. Also, please port players out or block them from entering the carousel area for all carousel rounds after they've chosen their item; sometimes players that already have their item sit on the carousel and block vision of a unit/item, or nudge a player into something they didn't want (collision should also be removed). It's pretty frustrating to pick up a unit you couldn't see when you were going for a different one, or to be pushed into another item when you didn't know that could happen so didn't keep more distance from units when moving towards what you wanted. More unit stats should be visible. Please show damage/attack speed/Armor/MR and what armor/MR actually do (presumably it's pretty much the same as normal LoL) in the game.
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