I was 1st with 97 HP all game long, then someone got 6 Nobles and I just auto lost every time!

I was 1st place for practically the whole game, with 97 HP, until that one guy got his hands on 6 Nobles... Then, it went downhill from there... 6 Nobles are just too OP, broken, too tanky, heal for too much and Kayle 2 star is just stupidly broken! I kept facing the 6 Nobles guy over and over again in late game and I just auto lost to him because of that stupid buff... No matter how I positioned my units, they just couldn't out damage the healing they get and not to mention that Kayle kept ulting over and over again... It's so cancerous, man! It's literally an auto-win comp, they deserve the nickname EXODIA comp, tbh... Riot, nerf this sh*t, please! Remove the healing part, nerf the tankiness and reduce Kayle's AS to 0.85 or increase her mana to 150 (_starting at 0_), for crying out loud! Kayle shouldn't have that much AS, or that low mana, for how OP and spammable her ability is! And what happened to: > " We've improved how the player matching works to prevent the streaky scenarios where you would face the same player (or ghost army) two or more times in a row. Now this should happen almost never. " That's such a lie and BS. I kept facing the 6 Nobles guy over and over again when we were 4 players left... Fix your sh*t Riot! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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