What champions will Riot eventually add?

-I know they'll add champions later on but i imagine some would be rather weird to include while others would be awesome. I imagine if they added Kayn he starts off normal Kayn, but depending on what your comp completes first in terms of bonuses, either Demon, or assassin he evolves into that with ult, and then his following ults can be different. Demon Kayn can be his Q and that gives him healing from AOE. Which would synergize well with SoS, Gunblade, and some defensive item. With Assassin Kayn it's his E, and that reduces armor for a short while so your team can shred. Idk... -Who else would be fun... Malphite would be hilarious. He just ults into the enemy haha -Mundo with warmogs, and his ult is his E. I think it's his E that puts the flames around him. -I don't want them to add Riven. Stupid broken champ. -Master Yi alpha strike with double SoS with Rageblade OOF!! -Olaf would be busted, just give him BT, Rageblade, and some defensive item, and his ult he ignores CC, so we have an actual counter to glaiciel. -Teemo can have his blind, and be Yordle, assassin, and during blind his autos can apply a small poison, but when the enemy is no longer blinded he loses poison buff. -I know she's new but QIyana would be good counter to comps that like to play in corners, and have her ult knock enemies back and when it hits wall it does what it does in normal league, and hits every target against the wall. -Galio could be guardian and idk and his ult can be his taunt. There's no taunt in the game. -Jinx would be insane in TFT, her ult just changes her mode from minigun to rocket launcher or she can have no ult, and her passive is her ability so she just stacks attack speed. Give her a rageblade, the multihitbow that i cant remember the name of, and rapidfire, and if her ult is to switch to rockets, then give her Gunblade so she can heal from splash dmg, and the extra two bolts she's shooting. she would be insane. They can add the entire piltover champions as a class. VI can have aoe autos like graves that shred armor, Ekko can either have Q or W for AOE stun. Cait can put her tramps down as her ult that actually stun the enmies from attacking and stuff, and she puts them near her so when they come for her she can tbeast on em. Jayce can be melee and his ult would be aoe smash, or if you give him rapidfire to extend his range he switches to range and his ult is Q. idk. Camille can ult ult someone and push everyone else away and she's in a 1v1, or she gets her Q for true dmg idk man. Just saying. The amount of things they can do but probably wont. eh
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