Damage is too high

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How damage is done in TFT (from the ama post in the subreddit)
My biggest issue with TFT is the damage calculation. I understand you wish to keep the games relatively quick but mid/end game feels more rushed than fair. While it's severely unlikely for tier 4/5 to make it to their third form, though the 2nd form isn't to hard to come by, it is fairly likely to get multiple tier 3's there. And for them to survive. The one things I like about League is that one bad play doesn't typically spell out your doom. That's not the case in TFT with the way the damage is currently set up. Losing 20+ (sometimes even 30+) health just feels like a big slap in the face. One bad round can literally end the game for you. It gives no chances for epic comebacks or a shot at redemption. Please look into possible changing this.
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