Things i do not like in TFT

1)sometimes champs just stand there and do not attack 2)Yordle composition is over powered with 60% chance to miss 3)items cannot be swapped or disasembled 4)no report if people insults or trolls 5)no comeback after a bad RNG 6)the thing that champs spins around and you have to rush to pick one either make all people run at once to pick or remove it 7)Pyke stun too wide and almost no cd 8)Daisy randomness either spawns in a bad possition OR IN THE BACK ROW BEHIND EVERYONE ,also sometimes she doesnt attack 9)Shyvana flies backwards... 10)Gnarr after morphing is unbeatable 11)if you lose a pve round you get **NO ITEMS** AND THATS PUTS YOU REALLY BEHIND {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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