Devs misunderstanding what this game is

This game isn't about reaction and prediction. You aren't looking at your enemy and trying to figure out what to build...because you CANT. It's random. You are dealt a hand and you have to work with it. As such, the devs are completely missing the mark when they are developing this game. The game should be focused around placement of your pieces. It's not called auto chess for no reason. Starks and other items are doing a good job of encouraging interesting piece placement. Same with EXILE. These are the things that the devs should be focusing on with items and especially some of the class bonuses. In this sense, players are called on to strategically place their units - and are not focused on finding the LUCKY piece, or losing because 3 other players were getting the same early draw forcing them to pivot mid game. Please devs. Stop copying the other games, use your brains and creativity, and make something decent. As it is now, you are showing that you have no real talent in game design and are creating a really crappy piece of software.

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