Nerf Cursed Blade, Nerf Voli - Do you even READ THESE POSTS RIOT?

It's almsot like you don't even read or give a crap. All these posts about cursed blade, voli bear perma stunning and super tanky meta not being fun but yet riot doesn't even do hotfix or anything. Truly shows how riot doesn't even care. I m at plat on my main but im not gonna play until some of the most broken "META" IS FIXED because it's just not fun to play. how frustrating is to see your units get shrunk to oblivion or get perma stunned by voli/glaical forever yet lets nerf ASASSINS NOT NINJAS like do you even think about these and test these? AI pathing is a joke. SUCH A BIG COMPANY BUT YET OPERATES LIKE SMALL INDIE COMPANY. Actually small indie company would actually make more fixes than this. Stop being cheap.
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