I really wish we didn't have to gamble to get a Little Legend that we want

I want to get a Winter Cherry Silverwing, but I am forced to gamble to get it. Out of curiosity I decided to do some math. Assuming we buy just a single egg, we are already given a **5.5%** chance of getting the Little Legend that we want. (In my case, it's the Winter Cherry) If we buy the 10+1 pack, that chance is boosted to a 60.5% chance of getting the Little Legend that I want. So right away, we have to spend $35 to have a **chance** to get the Little Legend that we want. That's pretty scummy. But what if we want to level it? Well, assuming we have slightly bad luck, and get 1 for every $70 spent; that would mean we would have to spend $210 to get the Little Legend we want to level 3, and again, this isn't guaranteed. You still only have a 5.5% chance of getting the Legend you want from each egg, and I'm not even sure if they disqualify duplicates. (Meaning if you already have 3, will you get another?) Riot, this is almost EA levels of scumbaggery. Why not just let us buy the Little Legend that we want? Because of you, a lot of players (Myself included) who would have been willing to fork over money for a Little Legend of our choice, are now not going to give you **any** money because they don't want to gamble for a **cosmetic** item. _"If you don't like it, then don't buy it."_ The issue isn't that we don't like it. We like the content. But we don't like the methods that the company is taking to make that content available to us. Why make that content at all if it's going to be a hole in my wallet to obtain? By forcing us to gamble for these small things, Riot has easily made a lot of people lose interest in an already dying game. The same can be said about Prestige skins.

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