The void assassin roll strat is toxic

I've played about 600 ranked games of TFT and currently sitting diamond 1, so I think as an experienced player with an enthusiasm for the game my opinion should matter somewhat. This game is fun when it feels like there are many important decisions involved regarding rolling, lvling, positioning, team comp, transitions, etc.... The void assassin roll strat revolves around getting a spatula and a bf sword, then rolling when one hits certain stages in the game. It pretty much insta bursts your entire team even if you have noble/guardian and position near optimally. The only comp ive played that could beat it in late game revolved around kindred and brand getting r off and the chogath being silenced and one of the gold assassins hit by phantom. I don't enjoy playing it, and I don't enjoy playing against it. Nobles have been nerfed enough that there doesn't even need to be true damage in the game anyway imo. Some suggestions I have are: change void synergy to do something else, consider making cho'gath a 5 cost unit OR include less of them in the deck. Adding more champions to the game would be ok also as far as nerfing brain dead roll strats, but it would make low roll games feel even worse. How about this one instead? Since void/assassins is just face roll one shotting everything with little regard to positioning or any other important decision for that matter, nerf the assassin crit extra damage bonus. I've honestly thought things were frustrating and had no counter play in this game before but found a way around it, but this one really takes the cake as far as being totally uninteractive and lacking any skill expression.
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