New Live Recorded Music Headed to TFT in 9.18

Bryan Higa on Twitter
Here's a sneak preview from our live studio recording session for the music of #TeamfightTactics, coming to you in patch 9.18! I'm so hyped for everyone to hear this. #gameaudio #loldev #tft
In patch 9.18, we're adding new live recorded music to Teamfight Tactics! Through development and beta, the audio team was very happy with where the musical themes for TFT landed, which mainly consisted of synthesized musical instruments. In our effort to make the music as high quality and polished as possible, we decided to go into the studio to live record extremely talented musicians to capture real human performances of the music for TFT. As a quick primer into the adaptive music system in TFT, the music will change based on what phase of the game you're in. For instance, during shopping phase the music is calmer and less busy, but as battle phase starts the music transitions into a more energetic combat driven style. There are also 3 different “chapters” of music: the first chapter goes from the beginning of the game to when first player is knocked out. The second is from that point until there are only 3 players left. Then the final chapter brings us home. We’re still ironing out some bugs so please bear with us and let us know if you notice any weird things like volume spikes or musical stems playing over each other. We hope the new music makes your TFT games that much better!
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