I Don't Know if I Want a New Origin or More Options

I'm kinda torn now that I know Riot only wants to include four more champions to TFT after Pantheon. With that in mind, here are my two ideas I don't know how to choose between: 1st Idea: {{champion:268}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:58}} Azir would be a Tier 1 Elementalist, Nasus would be a Tier 5 Brawler, Renekton would be a blade master, and Skarner could be a Brawler and an Assassin. All of them would be of Shuriman origins. -- Pros: Keeps the current release trend and includes one final region that hasn't had any representation. Also, this would allow for the Tier 5 Brawler slot to be filled along with moving an assassin up to a Tier 5 slot. -- Cons: Skarner isn't really an assassin and there isn't a Tier 5 Ranger in the game. 2nd Idea: {{champion:99}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:20}} Lux would be a Tier 1 Noble Elementalist, Teemo would be a Tier 5 Yordle Ranger, Talon would be a Tier 5 Imperial Assassin, and Nunu would be a Tier 5 Glacial Brawler. -- Pros: Would allow for a Tier 5 option for each category of class in the game. Also would allow for more options when going the route of Noble, Imperial, Ranger, or Glacial comps. -- Cons: Wouldn't really fit with the way champions have been released and wouldn't allow for another origin to be released. Also, the game would only have 7 Blademasters. What are your thoughts?
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