TFT really needs Spell/CC Immunity Buff

* There are tons of champions in TFT that grant **CC **(such as Glacials, Cho'gath, Sej, Ashe, Vi, Morg, Leona... and the list goes on!); however, there isn't a single trait or ability that counters all that insane amount of CC! And since most of the **Nobles **are Demacians -which is an anti-magic nation, it is more logical that they have some sort of anti-magic buff such as being Spell/CC Immunity. So here's a suggestion: _Nobles acquire Spell/CC Immunity throughout the match: 3 Nobles: one noble immune. 6 Nobles: all nobles immune. OR Nobles gain a chance to be Spell/CC Immune: 3 Nobles: i.e. 30% chance. 6 Nobles: i.e. 50% chance._ * Also, apart from the Dragons' magic resist buff, there isn't any other buff that mitigates magic damage or true damage (Void buff). So why not make **Guardians **_grant adjacent allies a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage regardless of its type_ instead of just granting armor? * Last but not least, it's somewhat obvious that **Knights **have been underperforming since their latest rework. And I think that the current Nobles buff should be the new Knights buff, but with/without the on-hit health bonus. Something like: _Knights gain increased armor and magic resist: 2 Knights: i.e. 20 ARM + 20 MR 4 Knights: i.e. 40 ARM + 40 MR, etc._ I hope you guys get the main concepts. I'm open to any thoughts, suggestions or tweaks!
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