Why would you nerf the orb?!

Hey, I'm gonna keep it simple since i'm not a man of many words. Riot, why would you nerf the orb so hard? It takes 70 hours to load and it gives 200 as base and 300 max when before you could get up to 360 points with 5 games per each and 210 at the minimum. Why would you not let it award 30 per each game instead of 20. How long is this reward phase gonna last because combined with steeper thresholds between each reward and the substantially reduced daily reward I don't even think it's gonna be enough time for everyone unless you plan to drag this elementals phase longer than the last one. Sure, this phase is new and whatnot and more versatile, but at the same time it fels more bland than the last. The last phase felt way better than this to be honest, too many champs and synergies are in absolute dire need of a rework/nerf. I'd go and say way more, but in the end this has started to feel too "MEH" for me, too many disapointments and expectations denied here.

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