Either reduce the power, and dependency on items, or ensure a guaranteed minimum from Creeps.

It really takes away that feeling of strategy and decision making, when the guy with the perfectly stacked gold vayne, and a gold garen in the early game wins right from the get go, with 0 chance for anyone else to even come close to his power level till the very end of the game. Though by that point in time said player has been swimming in gold for so long they will win through economy. I don't require everyone gets the same items, or even they get the same amount, but where is the skill in one player only getting one item from his minion phase that only lets him build one of the worst items in the game, while I'm sitting on a rageblade and RFC on my 2 star Trist? So either you need to make sure everyone gets at least one item every NPC round, or turn the focus back toward synergy and leveling your characters. This isn't like poker with their strong game winning hands, because each hand resets, and you might not get anything worthwhile out of your four aces, because everyone folded that round. In TFT, if you get the royal straight flush at the start, you carry that win all the way to the end.

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