idea of new champions for Teamfight Tactics

{{champion:427}} Origins: Wilds Class: Elementalist Ability: E Triggerseed Description: When the mana is full it launches the ability to an ally that is receiving a lot of damage, granting a shield that absorbs damage and after a while explodes the shield doing damage in area. {{champion:74}} Origins: Yordles Class: sorcerer Ability: E CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade Description: Launch the ability to enemies stun and receiving magic damage {{champion:115}} Origins: Yordles Class: Sorcerer Ability: R Mega Inferno Bomb Description: throws skill at enemies together and inflicts magic damage in a large area this is a champion that I would add to the Teamfight Tactics if you want some modification put it in the comments Pd: the value of the champions I have not put it riot verify and put them the value Pd2: I am Spanish and the server that I am is euw I used the google translator if something has gone wrong do not throw it in my face
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