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Hello, Riot. I would like to express my opinions on the different rewards given out for the TFT pass and sort of rate them based on category. I'll try my best to adhere to a specific format so as to not ramble too much since I tend to do that. As of right now I'm going to use the format: type: definition: opinion: value rating: Type will be the general label that I give a variety of rewards so as to lump them together. definition will be a detailed explanation of what classifies as the type of reward opinion will be my personal opinion about the items found in that type value rating will be a numerical value between 1 and 10 where I rate the overall value of a reward from that based on my personal opinion of the reward. ---------- Type: icon definition: Summoner icons opinion: These are extremely lackluster and in my opinion just fill up my icon stash with added crap that I have to sort through. I would rather not have so many in all honesty. They do nothing and have little to no use inside of the game. The whole summoner icon system is outdated and throwing more into the pot is a waste of invested time. 1 per pass to show that I accomplished it or as a pity reward is fine, but I'm sick of seeing 9-10 sections on a battle pass with 6+ being icons. value rating: 1 Type: Arenas definition: any variation to the standard arena skin opinion: These are great additions to the TFT experience by allowing a player to represent him or herself in a match. Since these cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game it makes it worth grinding to get the one you want for that season. with that being said if the skin doesn't appeal to someone for that season there's less chance for that player to want to grind the pass. I think the concept of having an arena per pass to represent the season's theme is the right way to go for these. Similar to the skins rewarded at the end of the ranked season for summoner's rift. Value Rating: 8 Type: Emotes definition: emote tokens or actual emotes opinion: I think emotes are really cool and since they're not locked to TFT they have long lasting value. However, due to the insane amount of saturation in the emote catalogue and the lack of intelligent design with some emotes literally just shapes and icons or pets instead of actually champions expressing different emotions there's an understandable annoyance with emotes and their use. Emotes like Ashe's "was that me?" and Annie's "fired up" are what I would consider desirable emotes with gameplay value. Emotes like "XXXX MSI event" and "insert legend level here" emote are just so lackluster that they make the entire idea of emotes about 3 shades less entertaining. Value Rating: 5 Type: Egg definition: any little legend unlock opinion: these things are the biggest cash grab known to man. The fact that you either have to buy hundreds of dollars to get the one you want or hope that riot is generous enough to let you grind for it in the game pass is just stupid. Then adding on top of it the concept of leveling being tied to additional purchases is not only dumb, but pathetic. each season pass should have a little legend and an arena skin combo theme that you can unlock by grinding for it with the little legend coming at the very end of the pass. Leveling should be based on your rank or some form of account xp associated with each little legend. And then the rarer versions of that little legend or a shortcut leveling pack should be where the paid purchases come in. Regardless anytime an egg shows up in the game pass it's like being told that you can saw off your own leg for a million dollars. artificial inflation of value has these things at the top of the market. Value: 10 Type: anything else definition: if it wasn't covered above opinion: I think ward skins, champion shards, skin shards, gemstones, and so forth are okay occasionally just the same as summoner icons are okay occasionally, but I don't agree with having 10 points to the battlepass where every increment of it is completely randomized and pointless trash. Value: ? --------------- Final verdict: In my opinion the battle pass would be better if instead of releasing a large pack of new summoner icons to reflect the updates and item additions instead use it to tell a story about the little legends or to at least have some sort of thematic element to it. storm rift arena is up for grabs this time around. currently the battlepass is 7 sections with 2 emotes, 3 icons, an arena skin, and an egg. Idk about other players, but I'm not wasting my time getting the pass 3 icon. im going to get the arena skin and the egg. what would have made more sense is if the egg was slot 7, the arena skin was slot 6, an emote for slot 5, and an icon for slot 4 then just remove the first 3 slots because there's no reason for all the other crap. The icon could be of the little legend, the emote could be a little legend emote, the theme of the arena skin would match the little legend's theme and then you could get a little legend egg of the base form of the little legend set that was just released since it's conception there have already been 12 unique little legends classes released. it made sense to release 3 of them in the beginning to start it off with a larger selection, but now that players are regularly playing it doesn't make sense to continue flooding the shop with more and more sets because what's going to happen is the fad of TFT will wear off once players stop having something to grind for. by utilizing the pass to tell stories or at least represent a theme of an unlockable that has value I think TFT will have an even more successful future than it already does.

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