Akali Hotfix?

The way akali is skewing the meta towards one single composition is not healthy to the game. Every single game you see 4 players, at minimum, building the exact same comp, and its because akali is way over the line, she got overbuffed last patch and is getting the game, again, towards one single comp, first was Brawlers void, then nobles, then void assasins and now this one, wild assasins. I'm not against the idea of certain comps being stronger than other ones, but watching every game how 4 - 6 players build the same thing, and even after that big fight for resources, watching one of them winning the game, is painfull to see and to play. The wild buff doesnt help either, being that easy to achieve and granting the counter to almost everything you could try against that comp, IE granting the final touch to make that comp almost imposible to beat. My opinion about what changes should be applied? First, drop akali's AS to at least 0.7, i dont get why to put her at 0.85, but if you want to keep her attacking that fast, increase her mana pool to at least 75. Second, Restrict the "attacks dont miss" part of the wild buff to only wild champions, that way a comp like yordles can see the light again, but still having counters on the wild champions, and assasins will still have Rengar as his option to counter yordles or champions with phantom dancer.
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