Any one else annoyed with fight the same person more than twice in a row in TFT, Just got kicked out a match by fighting someone 4 times in a row with it being the top 3. I could have won, had I had some sort of switching in opponents. Even if I lost it would've been fair. They NEED TO FIX this, I can't explain how angry I get because the game starts fair and balanced then switches so horribly. I know they said they are working on it, but RNG should not be used to determine who fights who in late game. Maybe it shouldn't be used at all, since it could have happened multiple times using that format. Maybe just a matching algorithm of 1-9 that keeps moving down the chain each time 1 fights 2, 3 fights 4, 5 fights 6....and then when people get below 50 depending on win-streak in match they either fight another person below 50 if thats an option, and if win streak is flowing well they fight someone who is low but above 50. Just to KEEP the challenge.
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