Rank system suggestion

As part of the new rank system, I'd like there to be a accelerated promotion part of it that gets good players to their natural rank quicker. You see as a old time gamer I don't have the time I use to to grind, yet almost all rank systems I encounter and suffer through are very grindy. Despite going 65-70% win rate in some games, I still gain rank at the same rate another person who is at a 55% win rate. I'd like to see a system that recognizes % win rate trends and get someone up to a rank faster then just grinding. Say out of 50 games the system see's that hey this guy is just eating up bronze players and winning 75% of his games. Instead of keeping him grinding in bronze and making the others look bad or not making it fun for them, lets put him in silver and see how he does, and if he maintains this 75% win rate, lets just put him in gold and see if he stabilizes. This would make it better for everyone involved, both me and the people who just aren't as good yet as me, instead of waiting for 100+ extra games just to beat up silver and bronzes (these are just examples). Worse case scenario is the system goes, oh this guy was put a little to far ahead of what he was showing, lets put him back in mid silver and see if he can get to gold on his own. Then if I happen to start going 75% again in gold, the system would go oh hey its that guy again, we should see if he's ready for platinum now.

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