TFT Set 2: A Step Above

Playing TFT Set 2 just feels better! Overall it's less punishing system of strategy compared to the Set 1. I've actually tried in multiple games to make things work that probably shouldn't (in last seasons TFt it wouldn't have) and it's been remarkably pleasant! There are still a few champs that are overtuned and this isn't to saying the game is perfect but I do appreciate the layers of depth that have been refined in this game. It's not really as 1 dimensional as the game it once was; now it has a lot of things that the community asked for; less RNG driven and more about what you want your team to do. This has really been a good experience overall so far; putting together interesting combos of champs and items and overall the Game is more fluid and much much more inviting to new players as well as the "average" player like me. Additions to the game like showing exactly what champs are of a trait you maybe wanting, allows for planning ahead and also experimentation. A system of Items that feel a lot less overtuned and 1 sided, being able to constantly get items to keep up with your opponents as you fine tune your team is a huge plus and something that Set 1 didn't offer in any way. Being able to focus on multiple different synergies and I will applaud the idea of having multiple elements that only require 2 of the champ type! This is really the change that helps so much of the experience, being able to pivot quickly from 1 idea to the next without losing ground is a huge + that maybe overlooked. Anyways there are some things that could be tweaked and I hope to see in the game; knowing item recipes is the biggest one and maybe there is something that shows item recipes in game that I don't know about but really seeing what items turn into what BEFORE hand would be a great addition since it would really set you up for more planning during the carousels (i maybe alone on that). Some champs are still a bit overtuned like Olaf for example but after him the rest aren't so dramatic so even if they take a little time to get nerfed it wouldn't be the end of the world; Olaf is really ridiculous though atm. Overall the game feels more complete and more about what the player wants to do rather than what the player is trying to predict the RNG to do. Also i appreciate the opening carousel as well I'm not sure when that waiting period started but it is a huge help with picking the champs you want from the start rather than stalling out and getting something randomly cause u didn't make the load screen in time.

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