Sejuani is a problem

So I just played a match and I had a team with graves, shen, fiora, camille, aatrox, gp, jinx, mf, lucian and trist. So my synergies are 6 Gunslinger, 3 Pirate, 6 Blademaster(botrk on jinx), 2 demon(darkin item on gp), 2 hextech and 1 ninja. I just lost to a guy that had: Mordekaiser, two dravens(?), sejuani, poppy, katarina and darius. This guy only had 4 knight and 2 imperial bonus. He had room for another unit that he just didnt have on the board and he had an extra draven taking up one unit slot. Both had 3 lvl 3 units, he had 3 lvl 2 units and I had 4. he had one lvl 1 unit and I had 3. Similar amount of items on both sides. Heres the twist though, he crushed me. My units were spread out across the board but as soon as sejuani gets her ult of 4 of my units are doing nothing for a very long time and that gives more than enough time for katarina and draven to tear me apart. I guess there is some rng to how good the sejuani ult is but damn, this is brutal. This guy had no idea what he was doing. he has no synergies to speak of at all and he didnt even fill out all his unit slots. He had 7 units on the board, one of them being a duplicate, I had 10! and I had almost all synergies giving a bonus. Only thing that was incomplete was noble 2/3 and yordle 1/3. The sejuani ult is bs. He undeservedly won that game off of sej ult alone. She didnt even have glacial synergy! So if you exchange her for garen or any other knight he would have the same bonus but the outcome would suddenly be that I would have had over half my units left when all his are dead. Its hard to comprehend how insanely badly put together his team was relative to mine. he has in total 6 units that synergise across two different bonuses. I have 6 units synergising on gunslinger alone, and on blademaster aswell. The entire glacial class should be changed. Stuns and especially sej ult is too volatile. They allow for unfair outcomes. I'm sure this probably also works the other way. When you get bad rng you can loose with glacial team against much weaker teams because your stun misses. Making you loose with what is by all accounts a better put together team. I get that this game is a lot more rng heavy than many other games but damn 4 knight, 2 imperial should not win against 6 gunslinger, 6 blademaster, 3 pirate(only money I know), 2 demon, 2 hextech, 1 ninja. He has 4+2 I have 6+6+2+2+1(not counting pirate). I cant really see how I deserved to loose this. It feels more like lightning struck from blue sky and just killed me outright than anything else. And sejuani is the source of that.
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