Broken OP Yoomus Ghostblade on Graves with 6 Assassin Build

Graves is completely broken OP without any counter-play I know off with assassin build if you manage to get these 3 items. _**Yoomuu's Ghostblade**_ {{item:3142}} **_Infinity Edge_** {{item:3031}} _**Rapid Firecannon**_ {{item:3094}} Every AA Critical he is potentially able to... **1 SHOT 1 TO 4 CHAMPIONS DEPENDING ON THE ANGLE FOR UP TO MAX 2040 DAMAGE** Also in this game I had a tristana, for the **(2) gunslinger** bonus so imagine the carnage it's ridiculous. The only way you can loose with this setup is when graves doesn't crit his first shot and unluckily ends up getting focused first and the 50% gunslinger chance didn't take effect on top of that. _(2nd place assassin player won twice from this)_ I managed to 1 shot the dragon too, it just disappeared into another dimension lol the 3th place player whom had 6 noble saw it and said GG before we even fought lmao. I admit I had good-luck all the way throughout the game from early to late with items and champion pool RNG. - **EDIT** I will continue to update this: I've played this assassin graves build 4 times now and I won twice and ended up losing twice at 8th place and 3rd place. - To go further into detail of my 8th place loss I have learned that graves is completely garbage even if you have 2 out of the 3 items if one of the items isn't Rapid Fire-cannon he probably won't even get hit first shot off before he dies. So I can understand why people say he is _mediocre_ that together with the fact he jumps in to "assassinate" but doesn't fire and walked around 5 tiles ending in 2 rounds lost I can say it's also an AI problem. The 3rd place one though was the most eyepopping RNG I've witnessed. In 1 round graves managed to 1 shot 4 champions so everything crit including his AOW shots (I didn't even know he could do that, I thought 3 was the limit but from a certain angle he can hit 4) then RNG jesus struck after winning 3 rounds afterwards. - **First Round** graves AA'd 3 times and didn't deal any critical damage, not one AOW crit absolutely nothing ( 2 gunslinger 50% chance to hit another nearby enemy didn't trigger once either) and so he went to search for his cigar in RNG heaven - **Second Round** graves AA'd 4 times and first shot crit on 1 champion killing him and triggered gunslinger, the following shots didn't deal anymore critical damage or triggered gunslinger again so he once again went to look for his cigar in RNG heaven - **Third Round** and the last round... went exactly like the first round, same guy same 3 shots same cigar adventure in RNG heaven Why is uploading images such a pain in the ass oh my god such a constipated pain! I don't have a screenshot from the second game the 8th place one :P > > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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