Dont change TfT

Over past 3 weeks of playing tft I've noticed different strategies and tactics you can use to push leads come from behind or completely turn a game. Many people new to the game play and aim for one golden comp and say it's all luck when they dont get what they want and lose. What they dont realize is, it's a random chance game but not a luck game. There is no code where the game knows what you want. You have to make a comp out of the randomness and do the best with what you're given, not try to play around the "luck". If they made a change such as guaranteed items which seems like a lot of ppl are pushing for rn it would inadvertently make the game even more rng, because then it would be contest of who gets the best items and even less counterplay would become available. This is my experience after 100 games and if I have the ability to win 10/12 games with more experience than others then it makes sense that theres more strategy already integrated into the gamemode than people are giving credit. Dont you think if it was all luck riot wouldnt add ranked mode?? Leave comments below and I will leave a possible rebuttal for your side. Thank you. Reminder: This is a discussion board, peace opposing thoughts but dont comment just to throw shots ;))
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