Assassin needs nerf!

So i just played a game where i managed to have no unbroken groups. My team had 3 void, 3 assassin, 2 brawler, 2 wild, 1 ninja, 3 sorcerer, and 2 demon and smashed everyone. (I got lucky getting all in there). And still got smashed by an all assassin group at 20 hp. And in case you wondering yes my Ahri and Khazix were 3* and everybody else was 2*. SO! They need to nerf the bejesus out of assassin class cuz its the only comp i see that wins 100% of the time unless its against a luckier assassin comp. Also items where Ahri: Rageblade, morello, rod Kha: Bloodthirst, bf Various: phantom dancer, and few first stage items
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