Guardian Angel question

So, I was told by someone a while ago (Or heard it from a streamer, I honestly can't remember) that if you make a GA on Morgana, and she dies in the middle of her ult, that the ult continues while she is resurrecting. I tried it today, and can confirm that it does not, the ult gets cancelled. However, I did end up having a game later in the day where I had a GA on Kennen, and I can confirm that when he dies in the middle of his ult, it DOES continue while he is resurrecting. Has anyone done further testing with GA? I'm just legitimately curious of the mechanics, for example, if Voli has his lightning going and then dies, is it still active when he comes back? Or does he have to build up mana again? Karthus? Anivia? (Although I think her ult is supposed to continue for the duration even if she dies without GA after 9.14) Any other interesting notes about this?

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