My thoughts on TFT, right off of 8 hours of playing this thing lmao.

Glacial might be a bit strong? Need more time to really confirm if it is strong or if people haven't figured out other synergies that beat it. Vayne is strong regardless of origin or class being up, but that makes her item dependent. Borderline too strong? Lucian and Varus are also pretty strong. Haven't really played with them much, but the few times I have played with Lucian, I did notice his healing with a BT was insane. Like 1 v 3 levels of insane. Sorcerers are probably in a good spot, in all honesty. They are stupid weak in the early game if you try to force them, but really strong once you get to 6 sorcs. Its a massive trade off to make them work 90 life for 6 sorcs. :D GUNSLINGER. Sucks. I've tried at least a dozen times today to try to get Gunslinger to work, and it just felt awful every single time. It could be attributed to trist being bugged? I don't even bother with knights. I think Garen and Darius are strong, but not because they are knights. More so because they are just strong independent units. Assassins are in a good spot, suppose to be strong against gunslingers and ranger. Which is true. Dies to sorc once sorc is online. And pars everything else in a good 50/50. Noble is up in the air for me, because it is either super strong or stupid weak? Not really clear as to why it feels that way. Can't even give a real good idea of how blitz is. Because AI selection is kinda wonky atm. I had a blitz pull the most important piece from the enemy line into my back line, and my backline continued attacking the enemy front line. So... yeah. NINJA is awesome. I think it is really well made, because its a 1 > 4. Meaning that if you want that 80% increased damage from ninja origin. You have to full commit to it. IT IS VERY STRONG. But suffers the same fate as Sorcerers. But the saving grace with Ninja is that you can throw that in at the end, since Akali, and Kennen don't show up to late mid game. Haven't seen or played much Yordle. Kinda in the air right now. Overall verdict. Ninja, Sorc, Assassin are all in a very good spot. Glacial, Noble may be slightly overtuned? Noble May be slightly undertuned? (Again, its a hard read because I don't know what is causing them to drop so hard.) Gunslinger. Sucks. By all means it should seem strong, but it just sucks.
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