Hextech is so broken that no one had any chance against me, who has no actual good comp!

So I just won 1st place in a game where I basically built a team with whatever 2 stars I got... No real synergy or anything, I just slapped in there {{champion:254}} and {{champion:222}} for hextech (2) bonus and that's it. I won simply in those 8 sec of debuff... It didn't matter what team comp my opponents had, without their items, they were irrelevant and basically practice dummies for my team. Here is my late game build: https://lolchess.gg/builder?deck=4d7949e0c39011e9904b5de6228e0672 I had 2 star {{champion:164}} instead of the {{champion:222}} until the mid game where I got her. I had a 1 star {{champion:78}} for **Knight (2)**, instead of {{champion:10}}, until 3 rounds before the final round, btw. I got the {{item:3110}} and **Yuumi** from the late game carousel and Dragon, respectively. I got a lucky shop rotation after the very last carousel, with 2x {{champion:157}}. I already had one Yasuo, just in case. So that was a lucky 2 star 5 cost unit, in the last 4 rounds, or so. Also, I was **100 HP** until the **2nd to last round**, where I mispositioned my {{champion:113}} and lost **one** round, with the enemy Jinx being the sole survivor. But I won after that, finishing the game with 94 HP. So basically, I can play whatever 2 star units the game gives me, add in {{champion:254}} and {{champion:222}} (_for hextech bonus_), even without items, and simply win the game, because I got to play the game and my opponents didn't... This is so dumb and broken! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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