Riot please listen to the item RNG community criticism ....

I've worked in and observed the video game industry for the last 30 years, why do large companies take so long to hear the most obvious things sometimes. The community has loudly spoken about item rng and the fact that they don't want to find themselves down items right at the start of the game. Heck theres TONS of posts front page asking for this change, its not like I'm psychic or going to another site such as reddit. Not one of them has a person says ya I like it this way or there should be more rng. Yet, somehow in your most recent update on items, you want to only make slight changes this instead of just listening and giving whats asked for. Nobody wants to get 1 item at the start of the match, while the other guy gets 3-4. Christ people will like it more play it more and you'll make more money. Just give a item at the first 3 minion rounds for a total of 3, then maybe give 1-2 the next minion rounds, depending on difficulty. There fixed. What two cents do you guys have in it that it remains so random??????????????? Theres a reason Dota Underlords normalized items, it was because it was the NUMBER 1 gripe.

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