Ultimate skins? The future of TFT's microtransactions

Ask Riot: Ultimate Skin When?
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With the base game of league of legends already having a decent pool of experience-changing ultimate skins it seems like an obvious choice for riot's next "ultimate skin" would be for their freshest and least explored mode, TFT. The potential for ultimate level designs here could be quite entertaining. An arena skin that changes based on your largest synergy (a bilgewater bay for pirates, or a void portal sucking in half the battlefield, the Demacian throne-room for nobles, etc. etc.) I'm sure there aremany things in the works for TFT, both gameplay and cosmetic-wise, but this idea was something that stood out to me, especially as a thought to what riot could do for more ultimate skins that employ unique mechanics of their own. Even just going down to legendary a day/night cycle that progresses through the games stages would be amazing. I don't have many ideas for your little legend beyond just different creatures (Poros, anyone?) though. What is everyone else's thoughts on potential skins/cosmetics they could add to TFT to enhance their experience, stuff you would see and say, yeah I'd pay money for that."?
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