The sum of all Crafty's complaints in one image

I never thought I'd agree with Crafty on anything, but [img][/img] - Void 3 member does half your HP as true damage - 3 Static Shivs - Karthus with 3 Sorcerer team and almost no Sorcerer items nukes half your HP. - Phantom you start with 1 person almost dead.... - Let's throw in a Blitz for good measure - Ionic Spark OP! (Really...... just posting to QQ about 3 Static Shivs being better than building champion specific items for those champions, because it's made out of Tears and speeds up the cast proc of anything it's put on than the damage, but it seemed to be a culmination of everything we see on forums being QQ'd about in ONE TEAM) Meanwhile: -I got 0 items from first 3 minions. -I got 1 item from Golems -I got 0 items from Wolves -I got 1 item from Raptors Only gear I had: -{{item:3089}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} Ahri -{{item:3139}} Lulu -{{item:1031}} Warwick Oh. But I did have 2 Dragons, which didn't matter because of the amount of damage this comp put out in 2 seconds of a match...... (Still ranked #4 with item snub)
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