PSA: don't buy Little Legends when TFT releases, this pricing model is scummy even by Riot standards

For those of you who are unaware, Riot has released the monetization model of the new Little Legends (your avatar for Teamfight Tactics games) and uhhh... suffice to say it's a big yikes. You can read these two pages to see for yourself. For those who didn't see, people in the comments of the first post have been doing the math and it turns out that, because you have to randomly roll your Little Legends and don't get to buy them a la carte, you could theoretically spend up to 13,230 RP to get the fully leveled up version of a Legend you want. Obviously, this is scummy. Obviously. we don't want more shitty loot boxes in the game. Obviously, Riot is just trying to get people with gambling addictions to waste money on the game. My personal favorite quote from the first article is as follows. Whoever wrote this shit should go get hired for EA because this is some high quality corporate garbage: "When designing Little Legends, we were inspired by some of the feelings we had while playing TFT, and we wanted the Little Legends system to capture those same feelings. For starters, we really enjoyed the moment when you can finally upgrade that one-star Tristana you started the game with to a three-star powerhouse. This is why we wanted you to be able to evolve your Little Legends—so you can watch your humble one-star Pengu Featherknight grow into a much cooler three-star one. We also wanted to mimic that feeling of seeing the clutch tier-5 unit you need to win in the shop, and we hope you can feel some of that same joy when you get an unexpectedly rare drop from a Little Legends egg. Finally, we hope that your Little Legends collection feels unique and special to you, just like you’re able to construct a one-of-a-kind team comp in TFT." Yes Riot, having a paid-only upgrade to your Little Legends in which you spend $100 to upgrade the single Legend you actually want to use feels exactly as good as pulling a clutch win. They are basically admitting that they love the randomness in the game mode (which is fine, it's a chill mode) and want you to feel that same level of satisfaction after spending hundreds of dollars on pixels trying to get what you want. Very cool, Rito Arts. It's funny because they try to act like good guys a lot as well, citing the excitement of upgrading your critters etc. That would be exciting if you could actually upgrade them and obtain new Legends through gameplay, which you can't. They also cite that you have a 30% chance to get a duplicate legendary when you open a rare legendary Legend, essentially immediately boosting your little guy to level 2. Riot expects people to be so stupid that they don't realize you are only giving us a level 2 legendary so we spend a shit load on loot boxes to try and get the avatar to level 3 afterwards, even though there is a 5% chance of getting another legendary. Riot, just quit being scummy. The prestige skins, the paid loading screen borders, the 3000 RP ruby chromas, the grindy events with laughable rewards compared to other games, etc. This game used to be pretty consumer friendly all things considered, instead of slowly inching towards fleecing people more without saying anything Riot is coming out and trying to spin you getting fucked out of money as a good thing. Come on, just let us buy the Legends a la carte and give a slow path to obtaining them for free to play players. This system could've been so cool if it was gameplay or achievement based, but you guys had to go ruin it.
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