Some Tft Balance Changes

So far I've been loving Tft (Which is great because I'd be annoyed if I waited THAT long in the queue for trash), but the game definitively has some aspects that could use some changes, so I compiled a quick list of my biggest problems with the game atm: **UNITS** 1. {{champion:53}} : Ok so I think everyone who's ever used blitz knows where I'm going with this. How many times have you positioned your units properly, hooked the enemies carry into your team... And then had that carry 1 shot everything because your team doesn't focus him. The whole point of blitz is that you want to pull someone either with a really strong ult, or that does a lot of dmg, so that your team can kill them quick. However,most of the times all this does is give the enemy carry access to your back lines, since blitz is the only one who ever attacks them. What he needs is a little taunt that goes with the hook, make it so 1/3/5 (depending on star ) of your allies focus that person. 1. {{champion:25}} : I feel like she could use a smaller mana pool, considering she needs to charge her mana, then wait the 2 seconds to actually snare with the chains. **CLASSES** 1. Noble & Blademaster: So both these comps have the same problem. They require 3/6 units on your team for their bonus, only have 6 units in them, and they have both a 4 and 5 cost you need to find. This means that you're going to be waiting until the extreme late game until you can actually finish your buffs. For comparison, Assassin also needs 3/6 units for it's buffs, but their are 7 assassins, and they only have 1 unit over 3 cost. The real way to fix this would be to put another unit in both these houses so you don't need to rely on finding 2 extremely rare units to actually get the buff, but until then dropping their stats to 3/5 would also work. 1. Pirate: Why is there a 0 gold option? Pirate is the ONLY class in the game where there are some turns you can just not get its benefit. **ITEMS** 1. {{item:3026}} : I feel like this could use a little invulnerability on resurrection. Not a lot, just enough for like 1 attack. That way if the person who has it dies last, they can't just immediately die before gaining any benefit from GA. 1. {{item:3131}} : This item is just a little TOO RNG. Either it procs super early and you win, or it can proc super late/not at all. I feel that the item could use a little more consistency, like if the wearer gained X% crit chance each second, up to 100%. 1. {{item:3083}} : It just feels underwhelming to me. The effect is almost unnoticeable even on a full team of brawlers. I couldn't actually find data on unit health, so lets say hypothetically, your unit has 2500 HP. If you put it on them they'd regain 125 health per second. That's barely enough to out heal a single mage, and in reality I think most units are between 1000-2000 HP, even with the bonus it gives. 1. {{item:3124}} : This could probably use a cap. **MISC.** 1. AI Dragons: Personally, I don't think I've ever seen a sorc comp be able to kill the normal/elder dragon. These dragons could use high magic resists, rather than the complete magic denial that they have currently. It's not horrible on shyv or sol, but just due to the massive health pool on the dragons any mage centered comp just can't kill them.

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