The better you get at TFT the less it feels like RNG

TFT is fun, but by god at first it felt like a pure diceroll. But the better you get at it the more it feels less RNG-y When you go into a game with a specific setup in mind it will feel like RNG When you tunnel vision on one item, it will feel like RNG When you focus on only achieving 1st place, it will feel like RNG When you don't do any of those things, it will feel less like RNG and will be more enjoyable. But it's also harder to pull off. Instead of aiming for something specific early/before the match even starts you need to be able to adapt, transition, and pivot Instead of tunnel visioning on one item you need to be able to get the best out of what you do get, and effectively optimize the cards you're dealt (item and champs) Instead of focusing on achieving 1st place you should aim for top 3 instead. You can't win every game, even if you get an amazing comp with amazing items, there might be someone else in the match with okayish items, but they happen to have an amazing comp that counters yours. If you look at the better players of TFT such as Dog or Hafu they all adapt really well on the fly get the most out of what they're given. Hafu even has a video where she gets bad RNG early game but still manages to turn it around and hit top 3. If however, you go into the game with League of Legends mentality, where you're deciding everything before the game starts such as "i'm going to play this champion, with these runes, and build this item, and camp...etc" you're going to get wrecked. Wrecked, and possibly frustrated. Don't get me wrong, I do think that some aspects should possibly get changed to reduce RNG impact - but I think that should mainly be reserved for the early game. I'm hoping guaranteed item drops don't make it to live. Why? If you give everyone a standardized amount of items then suddenly the RNG element is reduced to what champions you're getting. Whoever hits the best champions the fastest will have a massive advantage. By reducing the amount of variation for RNG you're actually increasing the likelihood of polarization. Items alone don't equal a strong team. Good items, good champs, good champion synergy, good champion item synergy, and hitting for 2 or 3 stars makes a strong team. Reducing the item RNG will simply put more power into what you're getting on the champion board. Where item RNG should be reduced imo is on mid-late game. Every dragon should give an item, and an opportunity to re-roll an item into something else should be given at later carousels. Alternatively, to limit potential item saturation Dragon could give either an item re-roll option or the chance to claim its item.
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