After 100+ hrs thoughts on balance...

So after about 100+ hours of playing and watching streams of top players to understand meta and a wide range of thoughts it seems like there is some trends and power level issues that could use some tuning. 1. Pyke+Sojin is just ridiculous, I avoided it for the longest time, but for luls started using it and this alone can carry a team till around mid/late game as long as you have a semi decent build. 2-4 ultimates aoe stunning the enemy team is just stupidly bonkers. Stun needs to be reduced and aoe needs to be shrunk. 2. Blademasters in general are subpar except Draven due to their reliance on being melee and the fact that so much damage/CC gets thrown at them for their abilities to be of much use (unlike ranged ADC who can pew pew safely in the back). In general melee blades could use more survivability and maybe melee blademasters can deflect a percentage of both melee and range damage back at opponent. 3. Guardians could use some addition stuff (braum is so bad, lol), the armor is nice, but in general outshined by other options. Maybe make them give a little less armor, but +magic resist and or crit damage reduction. This would make them more useful of a option. 4. Knights fall off way to fast, keep lvl 1 bonus same, but lvl 2 -55 damage blocked and lvl 3 95 blocked. 5. Brawlers could be buffed to 350 and 700. 6. Class bonus of assassin, ranger and sorcerer could use a small nerf for lvl 2 bonus and elementalist golem could use a 15% health nerf. I believe these changes would create a more even playing field for more options and builds then currently.
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