Hextech can single handedly lose you the game if it targets your isolated carry 3 times in a row!

I just lost an easy 1st place game because RNGesus decided to target my 2 star {{champion:119}}, who had 3 items, 3 times in a row with the hextech debuff, in the last 3 rounds. Here is my late game build, items and positioning: https://lolchess.gg/builder?deck=302aa720c4f211e9af3c5bcd4f0fc423 As you can see, I have 5 units that have items on them, but the guy got lucky 3 times in a row and targeted my Draven who got the 3 items, each time. Everyone, except {{champion:50}} and {{champion:157}}, were 2 stars (_see attached screenshot_). Oh and btw, I switched the positions of my 4 units, in the bottom row, 3 times as well while keeping every one spaced out, while the enemy didn't switch positions at all, and it still hit my 3 items Draven each time, ignoring all of the other 4 item holders in my team... Btw, ignore that 1 star blitz the 1st place had, he got a lucky FoN from that last carousel, which happened to be right in front of him when he got out of the golden circle... This luck is insane man! I dominated the late game so hard, I even won against that 1st place guy multiple times when my Draven wasn't hit by Hextech debuff. But when RNGesus smiled upon my enemy, in the last 3 rounds, I guess I had no choice but to lose and concede 1st place, hein! This is so unfair and stupid! Why should I lose to pure RNG when I spread out units perfectly, played the econ game perfectly and got my units/items/synergies beating everyone fairly! Remove the current Hextech debuff, Riot! Rework it ASAP! This trait is so unfair and antifun to play against! It's badly designed and so unhealthy for the game, for crying out loud! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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