Thanks for making the most life wasting mission to date.

**Complete 20 games where you reach round 20**, 3 weekly missions total. Lets say you complete them all in one magical go (never happens) this includes that the moment you reach round 20 you quit and go to the next game, that is 30 minutes. So if you do it perfectly it's 10 FUCKIN HOURS. But it get worse obviously since the game is almost pure RNG (seriously it's worse then Hearthstone go figure) and the bottom 3 NEVER make it to round 20. That is over a 3rd of the players we can assume you will likely lose a 3rd of your games. now it's 13 hours great so for 13 hours I could play any regular SR and level 3 times, I could spam ARAM and get around 50 honors. what do I get if I **DO** get to round 20: **no** honors, **no** BE, **no** XP. So are you going to lower the rounds required or better yet REPLACE it with something better like the other 2 missions that actually make us test out comps instead of just load, AFK wait, and read a book since we get NOTHING FOR WINNING!!!
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