Numerous items have been broken for days and the focus is on "changing the metagame" and making 3 st

Interesting that ludens not doing damage, redemption proc fails, ga proc fails, double ga fails, RFC overworking/not working on some champs, full mana ult disappearances, khazix ult doing 0 dmg to a spinning garen, pyke ult in place, hitting full mana but need 1 more atk for ult to go off, brand ult text being "deals 200% damage" (200% of what???), gunblade/BT healing not working/being less than it should, muramana not working on some champs, ionic spark not doing proper damage, thornmail not reflecting some units damage, zephyr sometimes not going off/going off after units move, and many other gameplay oriented bugs go ignored since "testing" started, but the focus is on making it harder to roll T1 champs? Legit last 3 games have all been one person getting two 3star T1 champs and winning the game hands down while no one else gets any 3star champs.
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