Champions that need buffs

People have lately been talking stuff that should be nerfed but no one seems to talk about which champions should get buffed which makes sense since it’s easier to see what should be nerfed than what should be buffed. Here is a list of champions I think need some buffs. Elise: Ever since she became a tier 1 unit she feels a lot worse to have. I feel like she always dies before can transform or she just dies right after she transforms. I feel like the issue with her is that her basic attack projectile is way too slow, preventing her from getting her mana fast enough. Lulu: The only two reasons you pick her are if you want a yordle comp or if you want her to give allies more health. Even then she might give that health to the wrong ally or it will be too late and they will die Evelynn: I think the issue with her is that once she uses her ult she jumps away from her target meaning if they don’t die she will have to walk back to them and take their attacks while doing so. Sure Pyke may do the same thing but at least he jumps away and then stuns everyone in his path. Plus I think Katarina just does her job better. I think it would have been better if her Hate Spikes her ability instead of her ult. Mordekaiser: The only two reasons you are getting Mord is if you really want phantom comp or you are having trouble getting Darius, Garen, or Warwick (If you are that unlucky). Plus his ability is just so bad compared to the other early game front liners abilities. Fiora: Like Mord you either want her because you can’t get something better like Camille or you want that early game noble comp. All she does is use her ability and dies right after. She is not as tanky as the other tier 1 frontliners so she should get something else as a trade off but she really just has nothing because her ability is not as good as the main 3 early game frontliners (Garen, Darius, Warwick). Morgana: I really don’t like using Morgana because her ability is short ranged which means she has to get close which means she can die very easily. Even worse is when she finally gets full mana it takes so long for her ability to actually do the stun. Why have a slow stun when you can get Veigar for the same price and can blow up a single target with his ability. Death is better cc than a stun and sure Veigar’s Death spell only effects one target but it is worth not being able to effect multiple targets. Plus you can also just wait to level up and get Brand instead or just stick with Lissandra if you are happy with her.
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